Ralph-Etienne Cummings, Ph.D.

After completing his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania, Etienne-Cummings became a faculty member at SIUC in 1995. He moved to Johns Hopkins University in 1998.¬† He is also affiliated¬† with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Institute for Systems Research at University of Maryland. There he also directs an “institute without walls” on Neuromorphic Engineering. Although he enjoys being a faculty member at JHU, his home is the beautiful islands of Seychelles.

His research vision: VLSI vision systems for real-time dynamic tasks encountered in manufacturing and assembly, auto-navigation, un-manned vehicles and robots, dynamic scenes analysis and interpretation, attention and gaze control, video coding and other vision research topics are being integrated. The two part plan is (1) to develop smart application specific and general purpose visual computational sensors and (2) to couple these sensors with other intelligent systems such as Neural Networks and Expert Systems to realize solutions to various robot vision and image processing problems.