Use of the Smart-e-Pants for pressure ulcer prevention

Home Department: Physical medicine and rehab

Degree: M.Sc.

Supervisors:  Ming Chan

The Pressure Sore Focus Group has been developing the Smart-e-Pants garment for pressure sore mitigation. The first generation system has been tested in a number of settings in Edmonton and Calgary. We anticipate the initiation of a phase II clinical trial in the coming year. In addition, work has also begun on a second-generation garment, a closed loop system that will incorporate biosensors to provide user feedback and individualize the stimulation parameters according to user needs in real time. A new student is sought to continue the clinical demonstration testing of the open-loop system as well as to assist in launching new clinical trials. Further, the student will also aid in the design and implementation of the closed-loop system and investigate the incorporation of biosensors technologies