What is Project SMART?

Our Vision

To transform the lives of those with neural injury and diseases by restoring motor and sensory function.

Our Mission

To develop Sensory Motor Adaptive Rehabilitation Technologies (SMART) and translate these technologies into clinical practice.

Our Plan

SMART devices are enabled by the integration of sensor, electrode, neural recording, wireless communication, stimulator, and intelligent control technologies.  Our Team of 16 research groups brings together expertise in electrical, mechanical, materials and biomedical engineering, computer science, physiology, neuroscience, neurosurgery, physiatry, and knowledge translation.  Together, we will develop and integrate these enabling technologies into SMART devices.  With our end-user partners in health care, government, and private and non-profit sectors , these SMART devices we will be translated from the lab to the clinic to demonstrate the clinical applicability of SMART devices and their impact on health care services, practices and outcomes.